I’m still not sure jellyfish aren’t aliens slowly taking over the world, but apparently they may be fighting climate change. Go figure. Maybe we shouldn’t try to eat them into submission.

Vodpod videos no longer available.These guys are a little too mellow for their own good, but the interview picks up after a bit and they even play a cool new song. Pretty excited to see them tomorrow night, even if it will be in a tightly packed bar with about 100 18 year olds.

The Walkmen Live on KCRW

January 20, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Heard some of this performance yesterday and much to my delight it’s not only available to listen to and watch, but also embed. I wish I could afford to go see them tonight ($32? That’s obscene) with Beach House, but I’ve seen both bands in the past year so this will have to suffice.


It’s kind of hard to recommend an entire episode of This American Life, since there’s usually two to four different stories which may not all be equally interesting. But if I were to rank the individual stories, opposed to full episodes, I would have to put the second act of episode 324: My Brilliant Plan at the top. The episode isn’t really funny at all, but it’s got that nostalgic appeal and mild melancholy that I think for what ever reason I can’t get enough of. It’s kind of hard to get people to listen to This American Life in general, but I would equate the better episodes to really good graphic novels such as The Last Lonely Saturday, or I Never Liked You. Check it out!

Greatest Thing in L.A.

March 20, 2008


Los Angeles Magazine is currently conducting its own 63 game tournament, trying to figure out what people think is the best thing about Los Angeles. Voting for the first round is already complete, with no real upsets that I can tell, but who made this list? How do you leave the Lakers/Dodgers off in favor of something as pointless as “The Weather,” which I’m calling right now as the eventual winner. Also, why include In N’ Out when it’s not exclusive to L.A. (same for Trader Joe’s)? I mean I like them both, but those are Calfifornia/west coast things, not Los Angeles things. That said, it’s a cool idea, and you gotta give them credit for coming up with 64 things that are good about L.A. period, I don’t think I would have got past 10. Also, for the record, I think KCRW is the best of the remaining field.

This American Life, The Super

February 10, 2008


Besides the abundance of burgers, early film releases, and the Lakers, the best reason (and actually the only other reason I can think of) to live in LA is the great public radio station that is KCRW. I actually hadn’t been listening to the station as much this year as I had last year, but I recently started working it into my daily routine again and even though I didn’t pledge in their winter drive (what, I’m not made of money), I’m totally all about it again. Anyways, so getting back into KCRW also meant getting back into This American Life, which airs here on the weekends, but you can stream the old episodes online for free (click Full Episode). I just got done listening to a few past episodes and I felt the urge to recommend one in particular, episode 323: The Super. The theme of the episode is apartment superintendents, but that really doesn’t mean anything. The three acts are, in succession, Law & Order dramatic, Flight of the Conchords ridiculous and hilarious, and The Corner realistic and somewhat depressing. The first two acts in particular warrant the recommendation, while the third doesn’t fit the tone as it gets a little too serious too fast, but overall a great episode. I’ll give it a solid A-.