Internal Wrangler’s making a late charge for one of the best albums of 2000. It’s a very late charge.

… has possibly the worst ‘official’ video I’ve ever seen, and I include the one and a half minute Joaquin Phoenix rap video in that group. I’m still loving the whole Joaquin Phoenix is crazy thing. More videos!

… is, um, trippy? The video’s just a way of posting the song (cause I’m too lazy to find an mp3 of it), but it kind of fits the tone. Apparently the title means ‘treason’ in French. I like it.

… sounds like it was on the Juno soundtrack. I don’t usually like this stuff, but maybe I’m just in an indie mood. Plus I like the video, so there.

… sounds slightly better than the original version, but really I like both. Too bad I hadn’t heard any of the Grouper album before this week, it definitely would have made my favorites of the year.

Grouper, Heavy Water (Phaseone Remix)