Internal Wrangler’s making a late charge for one of the best albums of 2000. It’s a very late charge.


… has possibly the worst ‘official’ video I’ve ever seen, and I include the one and a half minute Joaquin Phoenix rap video in that group. I’m still loving the whole Joaquin Phoenix is crazy thing. More videos!

… is, um, trippy? The video’s just a way of posting the song (cause I’m too lazy to find an mp3 of it), but it kind of fits the tone. Apparently the title means ‘treason’ in French. I like it.

… sounds like it was on the Juno soundtrack. I don’t usually like this stuff, but maybe I’m just in an indie mood. Plus I like the video, so there.

… sounds slightly better than the original version, but really I like both. Too bad I hadn’t heard any of the Grouper album before this week, it definitely would have made my favorites of the year.

Grouper, Heavy Water (Phaseone Remix)

… sounds just fine on its own, but this youtube mashup with the 1986 BMX cult film Rad makes it that much more enjoyable.

You may have noticed that my posts have gradually devolved into youtube clips and mixtapes lately. You are very perceptive.