Devendra Banhart’s new video is 50% weird, 50% awesome, and another 50% “we spent half the budget getting high and then asked our friends to help us make it for cheap.” I think if this 5 minute video replaced the Hotel Chevalier intro to The Darjeeling Limited, I’d like that movie 10 times more (for the record, I already do kind of love it).

In Ear Park

July 9, 2008

Possibly the best news I’ve heard this month (and that’s counting getting hired), Department of Eagles has announced a release date (October 7th) for their long overdue second album. From their myspace page:

In Ear Park is a colorful and expansive album, an intimate and personal collection of songs; much of the material that Daniel brought to In Ear Park draws on memories from his childhood, especially those relating to his father, who passed away in 2007 and to whom the album is dedicated (the title track is a nickname for a park in Los Angeles that the two used to visit). Many of Fred’s contributions relate to similar themes of nostalgia and mortality, giving the album at times an elegiac feel.

I love the word elegiac. The title track definitely fits that description. It’s not as good as the previously released No One Does it Like You (which hopefully will be included on the album), but it’s growing on me.

In Ear Park (mp3)

No One Does It Like You (mp3)

… reminds me of my sophomore year of college. I’m going to predict that I play this song about twenty more times before I go to bed (and then possibly never again after that). It’s the music equivalent of a bowl of gummy peaches, which for the record, I would almost certainly eat in one sitting. [Fun fact: the lead singer is the star of an awesome M83 video]

blackblack, Emerald Forest (mp3)

… is very appropriate for the current unpredictable weather we’re having here in the great south. I hate this global warming crap, it was cloudy all day today and was even raining a little in the morning. Thanks a lot, Al Gore.

… makes me wonder why I didn’t like M83 the first time I heard him/them over a year ago. This song plus the one with the super cool video equals second chance. The track’s also featured in a video promo that actually makes skateboarding look cool.

M83, Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun (mp3)