The Wrestler

December 26, 2008

Thoughts while watching The Wrestler:

“This technique where the camera is behind Rourke reminds me of a video game. That probably wasn’t the intent, was it?”

“Yikes, Mickey Rourke’s hands are like Andre the Giant’s, they’re just mitts. Is that a result of his boxing days? I wonder how long it would take him to open a soda can…”

“Man, this film is kind of freaking me out about exercising too hard. Seriously, I’m kind of afraid to exercise now.”

“Within the span of half an hour I’ve gone from thinking Marisa Tomei looked pretty good for her age to now thinking her best days may be behind her. Has that ever happened before in the span of one film? I kind of want to watch Seinfeld right now…”

“Great, now I can never order something from the deli counter of the supermarket without thinking someones gonna lose a thumb. Exercising, strip clubs, and the deli counter, want to ruin anything else for me Aronofsky?”

“Huh, I would have thought ‘The Ayatollah’ was going to be a white guy, or at least a middle eastern looking white guy, but hey, I guess it works. In fact, I’m gonna go ahead and say that the movie just bumped up from a B to a B+ based on the inclusion of this character.”

“So, um, is it over? This is kind of a long black screen. I mean, it must be over, right, am I the only one who’s confused? I really liked that last song that was just playing, was it Explosions in the Sky? They should have done the whole soundtrack, I think that would have got me to an A- overall.”